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What a recruiter expects from fresher

So guys let’s talk about first, why does it happen that why our youth is unaware of all the skills that an organization expects from them? It happens because most of the time we are busy scoring marks and passing examinations to get a degree we forget to pay attention to the expectations of the organization. If you want to know the correct answer to this question, then you keep yourself in the shoe of the employer- EMPATHIZE then you will actually find out what they expect from a fresher. I explain this situation to my students by giving an example Think of yourself as a recruiter Suppose your father owns a firm and after your studies are over, you join that firm in a good position.

Now your father wants you to conduct a campus placement drive and you need to recruit some good candidates from your class. So apart from checking technical skills that you will definitely check as you, yourself are an engineer and you will be hiring an engineer for your firm. Apart from that technical skills, what other skills would you check in a candidate in order to select him? So we start with a Positive Attitude. this is the most important attribute of one’s personality. A student learns the rest of the attributes like grooming, etiquette once he joins the organization with time and grows in that environment. But if we talk about a Positive attitude or learning attitude it gets formed from the very beginning of one’s upbringing The way you were brought up, the way you did your schooling the kind of friends you have, and the way you solve a problem, the kind of approach you apply in a particular situation. that determines if whether you have a positive or negative attitude.

I will explain this with a short example I share this story with my students There was a big shoe brand We all know before we set up a factory or a manufacturing firm, we set up an R & D team which researches about the scope of that particular product that you are planning to manufacture. So this firm sent two employees from their R&D team to Africa & asked them to visit this place, spend one week & check if we have a scope if we try to set up a firm there. will we be successful or not? so these two gentlemen went there they stayed there for a week after that they both came back with their report, but to the amazement, these two individuals had their different report. one of them said( please pay attention to what I say next) Sir, nobody wears good shoes there so if we try to set up a firm there, we will be failed. we have zero scopes if we try to manufacture shoes, who will buy as they don’t wear such branded shoes. Another person said Sir nobody wears branded shoes there. so we have 100% market with us and full scope. If we can tell people the benefit of wearing our branded shoes then we have 100 % market with us If we set up a company there, we will be completely successful & yield the best profit from there. so we see that there was a situation, same situation for both the gentlemen, but how they perceived that situation determined their attitude.

POSITIVE & NEGATIVE. One of them a great opportunity, while others found it as a total failure. This is what interviewers try to know about you, by asking different questions during the interview. When I conduct mock interviews, many of my students start telling negative about themselves even without me asking. As we all have this issue that we look for negatives more than positives. So my students start telling me like this; Mamas I am from UP Board so my English communication is not good. Mam, I am not confident because I don’t have a culture of English speaking at my home. Seriously, guys, I am so tired of listening to your negative attitude. I always encourage my students by saying please remove glasses of negative attitude that you have worn for yourself. If you will be successful, all the people will praise Nobody will enquire about your efforts & if you fail, you can’t blame other people. you can’t blame your past, your parents, your friend, your teachers, your schooling that because of them, you could not be successful. Nobody is going to buy that excuse. So my dear friends, please keep aside all the negative thoughts that you have for yourself. Think only positive. I am here to help you out.

I will help you with my upcoming articles. How to think positively? How to answer the interview questions in a positive way? Guys, why does it happen, that you may be technically sound but when it comes to HR or MR interview, you don’t get selected? Have you ever wondered what exactly a company expects from a fresher? I will talk about certain attributes. The first is a Positive attitude. as you tend to learn the rest of the attributes once you join the company. But your attitude must be positive already. that can come only by the habit of having a Positive Attitude. Then I will talk about having energy & enthusiasm I have noticed during the placement drive that recruiters arrive in the morning and it takes their whole day sometimes even more to complete that drive. So it happens often that Students wait from morning till night for their turn and by the time their chance comes for an interview they lose all their energy & enthusiasm their face starts dropping, they lose their neckties. They don’t eat much, they become stressed, their faces start looking dull. then the same things can be seen in your body language. that eventually tells the interviewer that you are not that much interested or enthusiastic about that job. Guys, let me tell you, it’s very important that you stay energetic keep some energy drink or bar or fruits and water with you so that you keep yourself energetic by the time your turn arrives.

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