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Avoid these resume mistakes-1

Here I’m going to narrate an experience on behalf of one of my friend who got selected in Google. He shared his experience, his story is mentioned below.(I=my friend)

I’d answer a question that I often get which is how did I get a job at Google? and I want to answer this question because even though my experience is obviously different than everybody else’s I think in going through the process. show you my exact resume, talking through what I learned during the interview process, and then talking about the mistakes I see in the resumes I see today. I can hopefully help with you getting your job and your dream company, whatever it mean so that’s what we’re going to talk about this video. You can see the timestamp here All right, but the first thing I actually pulled my resume here printed it again, and I wanted to show you the exact resume that I used to apply to Google it the first time that I like and what I did was I had this traditional resume. Phil have it now, it’s hard to see we’ll put it on-screen resume classic, you know garamond font bullet points All That Jazz Because I wanted to work in Google and see what it’s like to be on the inside. So I was like, you know what I got to step my game up. I got to try to create a resume at the bit different than what I think was good with you.

So I applied again in a year to disrupt me and it’s hard to see here would sell put the sunscreen as well be essentially resume is a Google search result in my name, but is it Custom Design everything under there are the search results but it really speaks to my different experiences. It shows my experience and a lifelong learner. Problem Solver. I just tried to take every single bit of its design and basically find a way to leave in my experiences and it really wasn’t until I was sitting there in the room went when I finally got to call to say hey John and want you to come to New York. If you are Google offices for interviews that I really realized what had happened with his meds. And I remember sitting there in the line of chairs is me and all the other candidates and in front of us was the head recruiter and behind her where they call the other full-time employees. If you over by interviewing as a full-time recruiter was talking kind of in the background I can see that piece of paper be Shuffling from one employee one interview to the next and as I got a closer look I realize I saw some of the images on the page that looks very familiar and I saw that was actually my Google search result resume.

They were passing around and just smiling and nodding their heads and when I had my first interview that day and a half an hour after that info opening session, the guy said Sammy. Put this piece of paper on the table and said I’ve never seen a resume like this in all my years at Google and I want to tell you that I think that As you probably put a lot of work into this. This is probably mentality that you’ll bring to the job or if you’re going above and beyond before he even got the job but probably do this. I just want to open up. I think this is all the stuff. You said I was so taken aback could I would expect you to be grilled and make no mistake about it. He totally gross me with a bunch of questions that I had to prep for but just that open and gave me so much confidence and just put my nerves away and just help set the table and later that day. I just got compliments from other recruiters who had seen in other interviews with singing this creative Google search style resume and I think it’s really important lesson that I use when I write fie to other companies afterwards and I saw people do this as well sure if you were there examples for the lesson here is if a company asks you to do one thing whether it’s in a resume submit a cover letter ask yourself how you could go above and beyond and do something that’s nice to that.

It could be taking your experiences and putting them in a Google sell resume for Google a lot of people have done that now you could be with my friend Alice we did was The entire website back in 2012 when she was applying to Instagram pre-acquisition to show all of her interest in photography and her skill dish to bring to the table jobs when he got contacted back by the founders of Instagram the time you get to work out cuz they were free a position about to self was pretty cool that you heard from them none the less. There’s a lot of other creative resume examples that I’ll put up on the screen here so you can check out but the point is if you want to get the attention of the people having company think about how you can use the company’s products to tell your story in more Unique. This is my take on it. You probably will have your own tape, but if you’re applying with just a resume and a cover letter know everybody else is doing the same thing and you want to stick out thinking ahead of the curb earlier will help a dividend later.

That’s the first if that’s my resume tonight it there and I think I want to talk about next is the actual experience on the job what happened at Google and how did my career trajectory their change because of one little thing? I didn’t realize I did in college two years before And when it was only got to the job in Google I was part of this program is internship program called the 8 p.m. And program associate product marketing manager program was really cool about this program is that you put into this pool of other people who else got in and you each get plates on different Google products of Google on the female. I had a buddy who is a pmn in turn on Gmail. I had a buddy who went to the outside and I got placed on YouTube, which is also on my Google and when I found out later as to why I was placed there my boss told me it was because I had been uploading videos on YouTube in college. I was running for student government and I didn’t realize that he saw his rap video, but I made it back and show you how we do video of me running 444 pursuit of government. And while everyone was like, Email like different like five points.

They have I just thought it’d be fun to do a rap for my buddy Wes and it worked election and my boss told me I do two years later and they wanted somebody who could be a Creator not just a consumer of YouTube That’s alternately where the company was headed. Again. Remember, this is 2012 back when dogs are still on skateboard. And that was a big thing on YouTube and the Creator Community a lot of these big things to do with you today. We’re just growing up and coming of age in their dorm rooms in building communities. And so my boss said we’d like that you are an amateur Creator. We want you to leverage that experience as an intern. YouTube. So that just goes to show the same thinking that when is my resume bike. I want to know the Google products. So well that I can put my story insides user interface with the same thinking even though I didn’t know what the help me land on YouTube because I was using their product in a way that most people do most people consume you too, right they watch you too. But how many people do you know who actively produce right? Can I ask you dare for your dream company? If you actually use their product, right?

Do you have feedback on ways to improve their product write the identity with their time user because especially if you’re trying to go into marketing, how can you Market a product that you never used before right. I come across so many people have read the company mission statement, you know, if you’d like the company, that’s all. If you’re not using the product and I don’t care if there’s no excuses. You’re a B2B product get a free trial and try to find some way to get in touch in and use the product before you apply before you get on the job cuz I promise you the insights and empathy you have will be so much better. If you do I think I didn’t realize it then but I realize it now and I always try to use the product from especially from producer angle if I’m working Behind Video platform, which I did it YouTube and now I am at Instagram’s just get to know all the different things that we could do to improve itself.

That’s a little bit about my experience and how it got shape there and how I think you could help you guys are applying for even on the job at this point at a company that you really wanted to work for and it’s Grand Final point I want to make is that I see so many mistakes that you don’t make on resume today and be easily avoid it and it also to be honest. Just let me your potential and then make it so that who you see on paper is not who you are in person and I know how frustrating that could be and I wanted to share these by mistake that I often see people make on a resume for you and the first tip to avoid these mistakes is always quantify your impact guys. It’s not just enough to talk in words of what you’ve done what you’ve experienced or what you’ve accomplished.

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